Monday, May 16, 2011

Flying Lessons

Lesson 13:

Grab a good book.
 It's amazing how much my children (and I) look forward to reading together.  I admit, sometimes I feel lazy and just want to turn on a movie for them to watch.  However, since we don't have cable or a very large collection of dvd's, there isn't much to see.  Most days and nights I spend time reading with them, and we both love this time.

I have recently been reading some young adult/juvenile chapter books to preview them for my children.  There are a few of them I am head over heels for; one being

imgres.jpegEach little Bird that Sings. 

I admit reading this book makes me want to have a daugher and name her Comfort.  Seriously.  I have enjoyed her as a character almost as much as I loved Clementine! 

This book is one that Clark asks for multiple times a day.  My other children have loved it at this stage as well, and I really enjoy reading it.  

try it, I promise you will never be sad when you curl up with people you love, and a good book! 
ps.  In this photo I AM holding my phone; but I promise we were reading scriptures on it!  :)


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