Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Making progress

As I have mentioned before, this yard has a lot of rock.   I'm not a huge fan of rock - I know there is all that harra harra for zeroscaping but I just can't live that way.  Not to mention that weeds LOVE the rock.  This front yard strip started out like this:

These are the only plants in the yard.  9 of them.  I'm ok with salvia; but I tend to like a more wild look mixed together as well.  Moving all the rock isn't much fun; so I have moved rock; planted some things - section by section to keep myself motivated.  Whatever works, right?
I think we're making progress; don't you?  It's hard to tell what is happening because I planted a lot of things from seed (so much less expensive and I had saved seeds from previous years!)   delphenium, lavender, helibore, lupine, rosemary, candytuft, snapdragons, flowering sweet pea, sedum, thyme, peony all coming up from seed, also Montana wildflowers from my brother in law's wedding last year!  Also a friend allowed me to help her divide her iris and now I have some of her lovelies in my yard too!  Next year I will have much more happening, I hope!  

Happy last 5 days of school left! (to me! :)


  1. WOW! What a difference!

    I need to do yard work. Another day. I want to finish the basement. But really want the yard to be beautiful too.

  2. Love your new header! I haven't touched my yard this year. In fact, I still have dead annuals in my flower bed from last year. Yeah, it's not pretty.
    Your beds are looking MUCH nicer than they were before! Great work.

  3. Great job em! It looks fabulous. Keep up the good work!