Friday, May 20, 2011

Tough {teeth} luck!

Savvie has been telling me for a few nights now that her jaw has been hurting.  Like the good mother that I am, (ha ha ha) I have been telling her to take an ibuprofen and go to bed, or get a drink, or try not to grind her teeth at night.  When I picked her up from school yesterday afternoon one side of her face was swollen to a gigantic, abnormal size and I asked her what she was sucking on.
"Um, nothing Mom, my jaw just hurts!"
Yikes.  Ok, sorry I haven't been listening (but seriously, someone ALWAYS has something that hurts, sometimes you don't know what is legit).  I immediately called the dentist who worked her in last night.  She had a large abcess tooth pulled and a spacer put in.  What a { NOT } fun night { again } for Savanna.
She seems to have bad teeth luck.  Actually, it's a fact.

This morning when she told me it hurt too much to go to school I listened!  :)
Then she remembered that her dad was signed up to go on a field trip with her to Wings over the Rockies so she got up and got ready to go with him to that!  I guess it doesn't hurt bad enough to miss that, although she still has chipmonk cheeks.  Poor Girl!
Sailing on,


  1. I totally understand the "someone's always hurting somehow" thing -- it's really hard to distinguish what is legit!!

    Glad you got her taken care of!

  2. cute blog background - poor Sav!

  3. Poor Sav! How in the world did she get a tooth abscess at her age?! Poor you too. I feel horrible when stuff like this happens. I adore your new blog design by the way. xo

  4. i can totally relate! i can't even say the number of times i haven't taken a child to the doctor when i should have - and the number of times i did take them in and got the "you brought him/her in for THIS?" look from the doc. i hope little sav is feeling better!