Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Flying Lessons

Lesson 17:
                    Listen to your heart.  It IS the right voice.

My family spent the last 5 days traveling to and from California, attending my Grandfather's funeral, being together, and celebrating the gift of the beach which he gave to all of us.  My first reaction about attending the funeral was 'I don't know how we can afford to go.   It's far and maybe I will just go'.  Family members made generous offers to help us get there and we all decided to drive all night.  My heart said we needed to go; that I needed to be there for ME and for Grandpa.  I'm so glad we did.  It was a heartwarming weekend.  Memories were recounted; family relationships were strengthened and ALL of Grandpa's Grandchildren and all but 3 ( I believe) of his great-grandchildren were there.  I don't think there will be a time in our lives that we will all be together again.  It was the trip of a lifetime; memories that me and my children will always hold close.  Thank you again, Grandpa for who you are all you taught us and gave to us.  I'm so glad we went.

Sailing on with his memory,


  1. I am so glad you were all able to go. What a blessing! Seeing the pictures of your family makes me so happy for you. The pic of you is my new favorite...you beautiful girl!

  2. You look joyful in that picture. That tells me that your heart was absolutely right. what a beautiful way to celebrate life.

  3. It was great to see you this past weekend and thank you for sharing this family picture!