Monday, June 27, 2011

Flying Lessons

Lesson 19:

Be Still.

I have been working on this a lot and today so far I haven't done a great job.  I've had to stop myself, ask myself what in the world am I doing, and try again.  When I am still, I listen and I mean really listen to everything I need to hear.  Sometimes I need to hear the sounds of my children playing happily to remember that they do, in fact, play happily for some time of the day.  Other times I need to still myself to hear my heart crying out for what I need to do, or improve, or work through.
For me part of being still is not over-reacting when I find activities like this taking place when I was just 10 stepss away, folding laundry or sneaking down to the basement to paint the background of a cavas that is calling to me.

It is not my nature to be 'low in sound, hushed or subdued'.  Every morning when I wake up I promise myself I will be more still, more LOW in sound.  I do ok for an hour and then it's over again.  I know I'm loud, just know that I am really trying not to be.  My voice is loud and my personality is loud -- it is the way I came -- but I also believe that learning to be more still I can refine myself to be a better person.

This week we had some nice evenings of calming down and enjoying summer and the beautiful place that we live in.  Frequently after dinner I am just so wiped out that all I have on my mind is getting onto bedtime and finishing up the kitchen and laundry so I can lay down and read and go to bed myself.  Yet that isn't always what is best for my family.  The other night after dinner I had the children put their pajamas on and we went to play at the park for an hour before bedtime.  I read a little bit as I sat there but mostly I was listening; listening to them create a world of their own to play in as they turned the park into their own land.  Reading a good book is a great way to be still - even if you can even snatch 10 mintues a day you hold still long enough to read and it feels so good.

I wish I could say that our week was free from disturbance, agitation or commotion but that is SO far from the truth!  Christian is home from the hospital and that is wonderful.  While the stitches stay in for another week and he still can't swim or run (good thing we signed up for baseball this season:) his foot is looking wonderful and he is happily outfitted with new shoes that he can wear for the summer.

 The flowers and growing and the garden is amazing me - I love having salads from our garden.  I only wish we had more time to put more boxes in so that we could have so many more items planted.  The morning job duties for the children are slightly sinking in and we have success here and there - I'll take it.  The weather is lovely and the grass is green.  I believe the Lord is watchful of us and knows what we need -- I know he will help us after all we can do.
His words in holy writ are sufficient:  Be still, and know that I am God.
Sailing on,


  1. Emily,
    I have met you once, when you are Kurt drove up to Logan right after you got engaged and I got to meet you. I knew Kurt on his mission. I just have to tell you that I appreciate the lessons you share with others. They touch others heart, just as they teach you. I needed this reminder be still. I get so caught up in daily life, especially with my husband in Pakistan and doing this whole parenting thing by our kids are ignorning me tonight at bedtime, feeling frustrated, I read this. Be Still. Thank you for sharing. I hope you and your family are happy, and that Christian continues to get healthy. Tell Kurt hello from his lil sister from Alaska!
    Kellie (Lahti) Miller

  2. Thank you my friend !!! I love you !!! How I wish I could just meet you in Chicago and we could just hideaway in our hotel room and sit up and chat all night. Until we will have to continue to meet and lift each other here !!!