Thursday, June 9, 2011

Rodeo fun

We love the rodeo.

It makes us all smile, cheer, and get some sun.  Chrisitan and Savanna both had their chance at Muttin' Bustin' this time around and Christian took first place with Savanna following closely behind for second.  They both got big ribbons and are not "officially" ranked in as Muttin Busters in a PRCA rodeo (isn't that funny?) Christian was extra lucky to wear a pink helmet but it was ok because they were doing a 'real cowboys wear pink' day.  ha!

Clark was funny before the parade began he found some sand in the gutter and was playing in it - that boy misses his sandbox!

 After the parade there was this huge bouncy slide for the kids - they LOVED it.  They started to run and jump from the top and then go on their  tummy.  It was hilarous to watch them!

Clark loves to wear his Daddy's hat.  It fits perfectly too.

 Happy Day,


  1. There's nothing like a rodeo.

  2. can your family get any more fun or beautiful? seriously. these pics and this entry made me smile. life is here to enjoy. i love, love, love that your kids got to bust a muttin. :) that is something that nc does not offer. that bouncy slide looks like a blast. the pic of emma in midair is classic. what a girl! super fun day. xo

  3. What a fun day!! Good job Christian and Sav!! I too love the picture of Emma midair.