Thursday, June 2, 2011


This is the type of pet I can get used to.  Kurt found this little toad in our sprinkler box in the front yard.  I love the habitat already = lives outdoors, feeds itself, no cage cleaning involved.  It was a fun play item for two days, but that is as long as it lasted.  'Someone' let it out to hop in the grass after that (no body we know, I'm sure).  That was great while it lasted!


  1. Beautiful pictures! That will be a fun memory. I lived in the country and one summer we had "The Year of the Toads/frogs". We caught tons and tons; it kept us very busy. I still remember - and still have pictures.

  2. I agree, best pet ever!! I LOVE the picture of Clark and the toad hopping off his hands.

  3. we also have a pet toad that lives in a hole by a wall in our front yard. frog catching is a favorite summer activity here too. sweet pics.