Sunday, June 19, 2011

A word to the wise...

Try to avoid
a) running through the garage in wet, bare feet
b) having said bare foot make contact with long garden spade and enter foot
c) having said injury become infected.

It's been a rough few days for Chrisitan.  At first I just thought we had another stitches job and that was easy.  The raging infection that followed and made his entire foot huge, burning hot, and very sore I wasn't prepared for.  We are hoping that the strong antibiotic shots he had yesterday keep the infection under control while the slower-acting long medicine does its work.  He has been very brave and sweet but I did think it was a TINY bit dramatic when he asked the nurses if they could just put him to sleep to do the stitches and could we get him a wheelchair?
The biggest bummer of it all:  No activity or swimming pool for a week.  Ouch.



  1. oh...poor Christian! Em you and Kurt should buy some stock in your local hospital. Love you!

  2. Bummer Christian! I'm so sorry your hurt! Hope you recover quickly!!

  3. Just looking at that gives me a knot in my stomach. Bless that sweet boy's heart!

    Hope the antibiotics are effective quickly.

  4. Kurt's head found a similar garden fork complements of his best friend Richy Newell. I am so sorry that Christian's foot is so sore. Poor kiddo!! The wheelchair comment did make me laugh though!!