Friday, June 3, 2011

Yee-Haw Cowgirl!

What a party we had!  For this party (of course) I didn't get a chance to do everything I wanted to; and you know what - it still worked out great.  It wasn't fancy and it wasn't pricey, those were my two criteria.  Savanna chose the rest so naturally it was a cowgirl party!

We decorated some vests made out of brown paper sacks for each girl.  They got a bandana and then we ate dinner of sloppy joes, watermellon, chips and rootbeer.  Did I mention nothing fancy?  The funniest part was watching 9 9 year old girls eat an entire bag of salt and vinegar chips rapidly.  They couldn't get enough of them.  Then the girls dropped cowboys and indians into a jar to see who got the most (Savvie, amazingly with her left hand, was the champ).  Then we played pin the heart on the cowgirl (sav's silhouette with her boots and hat on).  My favorite event (and the girls as well) was the chicken chase and goat petting!

We have some friends who allowed me to borrow two of their many hens.  When I went to pick them up he said 'oh you should take the goat too, they will love it!'  ok.  Well I was in a van with 5 children and 2 chickens already -- no problem he says, the goat will just stand in between the seats.  Ok, I'm game.
On the way home I confess looking in the rearview mirror and seeing 5 children, 2 chickens and a goat as you pass by the target sign makes you slightly question your state of mind.  Crazy or not, the kids loved it, the birthday girl was happy and it was all worth it in the end.

I remember why I only do friend birthday parties every few years - it's just a lot of effort.  Fun, and well worth the craziness, but lots of work!
Because I LoVe this face

I love that she is her own person and doesn't worry about what her peers will think; I hope that lasts forever.  I love her freckles.  I love her playfulness (a blessing and a curse).  I just love her.  And I'm so happy she shares my love of rodeos, boots, mud, hats and snowcones.  That's my girl.
Can't wait for the rodeo tomorrow,


  1. What a GREAT party!!! I mean, seriously?! Live goat chasing? How could it be any cooler?!

    Savanna is beautiful and I'm in love with her freckles, too!!

  2. FUN FUN FUN! Did you get a picture of the van packed with all of those fun animals (that includes kids)!?!

  3. oh that looks like so much fun!! I wish I had a picture of your van with everyone and the animals in it too :)

  4. that sounds like my kind of party! i like me some salt and vinegar chips too. maybe i could have an invite next year? :)

  5. Em you are so wonderful. This party was a little girl's dream come true. I laughed until tears came about the farm animal filled van...the things we do as moms! love ya and miss your amazing kids!