Sunday, July 31, 2011

Flying Lessons

Lesson 22:
Use a soft voice.
I find it amazing how the way that I say what I say has a massive impact on how it is received.  I've been watching my tone of voice and the volume of it pretty closely and found a couple of things:
1.  I'm a naturally loud person.
2.  When I make sure to soften my voice it softens my edges a bit and helps the entire situation.
3.  It is easier to convey love with a soft voice than a loud one.

I want to show more love.  I also want to be firm when necessary and to teach when it is a teaching moment.  I do all of these things with a soft voice.  I feel better, they feel better, and we all feel love.
Why does it take me so long to learn these lessons?


  1. hmmmm...because you're human and this is mortality! I can second the questioning of why it takes so long and soooooo much trying to learn things. Then I just have to relearn them again. :) Thanks for the inspiration. You are so beautiful.

  2. Jen is right!! Sometimes I get frustrated with my self because it seems I am learning the same things over and over. I wish I would just GET IT already!! Thank you for posting this Emily. I need to speak more quietly too. I never thought about the volume of my voice communicating just as much as my words. Thank you