Thursday, July 7, 2011

Good times

We had such a wonderful 4th of July weekend.

The fun was never ending and the bedtime was late so it still feels like we are trying to catch up on our sleep!  It was delightful to have one of my brothers with his wife and daughter in town from Mississippi.  He showed us a new backyard game 'cornhole' which we loved and played for hours.  We partied at my parent's pool to live music and free popsicles (after a while I lost count on how many my children ate in place of lunch).  We watched two great firwork displays, attending our church breakfast and bicycle parade, the children all had a pony ride, grandpa and grandma passed out fantastic glow sticks, we barbecued delicious food and had an all around wonderful time together.

These are great memories I will not soon forget, thanks everyone!



  1. Could you fit more fun into one weekend? It sounds wonderful! I love the pics. You are so talented at capturing emotion and experiences in your photos. Again, you amaze me. xo