Thursday, August 18, 2011

I'll tell you ...

We are about to head off to the pool, tomorrow is the last day of summer school break.  I DO NOT want this to end.  It has been a fun summer.  Messy, muddy, tiring, hot, loud - yes.  But wonderful all the same.  And now its back to the school routine and the homework, packing lunches, football and soccer practice, piano, volunteering at the school, field trips, permission slips, driving in the car A LOT.  And people ask me 'really, you DON't want your kids back in school, what's wrong with you?"
I'll TELL you.  When everyone is in school I feel like I have to hold the world up on someone else's schedule.

When I am at home, its OUR Timing that matters.  And I like that.
Just like that globe says,
I'd rather be sailing...


  1. I love this post because I feel the same way. I love being able to do whatever we want whenever we want. I'll miss that. I've thought that I didn't like school because I lose so much control but now that you mention it it's also the schedule thing. I'm right here dreading school starting along with you.

  2. I love your blog!! Makes me feel like we're still chatting on the red carpet... (((hug))) xoxo

  3. oh my goodness, emily! I love your blog - beautiful pictures! I can totally relate to your post - even though my daughter is going back to college, I still am going to miss the time we've spent together this summer. xo

  4. not sure if you will get this since i am a little late to comment, but...


    xoxo :)

  5. Well said!!! I feel the same way. Love the time I have with them in the Summer. Priceless!