Tuesday, August 30, 2011

We Made it

We did it!  School started and we made it through the first week.  We are tired!  That first week back is a major adjustment - it is a long day at school and a lot of driving around for the mom.

This past week I picked about 40 tomatoes from my garden, as well as onions and squash.  Making salsa at home from my own garden makes me happy! 
Now we are immersed in homework, after school activities, and in general keeping our head above water.  Survival!



  1. I think you are ALL doing marvelous ... raising a family is the hardest thing ever ... and the most important!

  2. Your kids look so cute in their uniforms! What a week that first one is...we survived..barely :)

  3. I'm loving those uniforms! I bet they make summertime clothes so much more special!
    Happy back to school- it's such an exciting time of year!

  4. i'm telling you, i DREAD the homework/driving/activities when my kids start school. for now, we are living it up.

    can't wait to hear more about the school year!

  5. Salsa on top of everything else? i don't know how you do it all!