Sunday, September 18, 2011

Flying Lessons

Lesson 25:  Keep Going, and write it down.

Sometimes so much happens in a week that I forget it has only been 7 days that have passed.  Thank you for all of your thoughts and prayers; Christian's ear surgery went well and he is up and going again!  We are so happy he can hear now and I'm sure his school teachers will appreciate that as well.  Madeline (after having a virus at the beginning of the week and missing a day of school) competed and finished with her personal best in her second cross country meet.  Savanna had a great week of school and has all of her work turned in (this is a really big deal!)  Emma was her delightful, energetic, mess-making creative self and kept me on my toes.  Clark is now officially an underwear boy - NO MORE DIAPERS!  For another 10 weeks that is.  I am thrilled with him - I have never had a child toilet train so quickly AND stay dry at night all at once.

We went to the farm and picked 30 bags of onions, carrots, potatoes, beets, cabbage, pumpkins, kolrabi, and corn.  I've been blanching and freezing and canning like wild!  So far I have 30 jars of salsa, 14 jars of jalapeno jelly, and a freezer full of corn and carrots.  My tomato plants at home are still producing wildly and that makes me so happy!  Before we head out of town this coming week for my brother's wedding I need to get the rest of this food put away for the winter.  I always think of that childrens book Blueberries for Sal when I am preserving food.  Lucky for us, we have not had any wildlife encounters on our food picking journey (although the tractor driver did leave me and Kurt in the middle of the fields with my children on the wagon yelling to stop; he was a real champ.  He wanted to get back to eat his lunch.)

The boys went on the fathers and son's campout trip with our church group and the girls went to Sees Candies together to pick out our favorite chocolate.  We also watched Soul Surfer together; what a great example of bravely and strength Bethany Hamilton is.  My girls loved it.

Today is my mother's birthday and we had the chance to have my parents over for dinner and apple pie.  The children spent the afternoon creating cards and papers with many items glued on and colored.  They aren't anything spectacular to look at but as you watch the cards being worked on throughout the day you can see how much they love their Grandma.

When I write down or remember through photographs the many things we do each week or month or season or year sometimes it helps me to not feel like such a non-productive, trashed mom who always needs to be doing more, and doing it better.  If I just keep going, and stop to remember some good points along the way I realize, hey, I'm ok.  I think that God is glad I am doing my best to raise a family and enjoy art and my creativity.  So this week I will do exactly what I did last week - keep going, and write it down - the good, the bad and the ugly! OH, and I'm going to smile more this week too!



  1. Beautiful pictures. Beautiful thoughts. Beautiful you.

  2. i love this post too! and also the pictures. i think the wagon one at the top is my fave...