Friday, September 30, 2011


Poor Christian, he had a little incident with a big wood post on the way into the wedding last saturday in Utah.  He ended up with one very sore, swollen eye and 3 stitches.  Oh well, at least now the eyebrows match on both sides with scars in the same place!
I'm looking for positives here. ..


  1. Poor Christian! At least he has lots of years for them to fade...maybe no new ones?xo

  2. Sorry about the stitches. Isn't life crazy sometimes?
    I am so glad I read your blog tonight. I am feeling the same way as your last post and am planning how to get my life back on track this week and so it was good to hear someone else forgets where to start when trying to tackle life.
    Thanks for your posts! I always love reading them.