Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Birthday Boy

I love this boy.  It has been such a nice weekend celebrating his birthday.  It is also fun that his birthday falls on General Conference weekend.  I love that.  We had a great friend party saturday after his football game, then a fabulous dinner at a friend's home.  A good friend of mine had recently done a 'minute to win it' party for her daughter and offered me some of her games to use, which I did.  The boys loved it - especially the game where you get vaseline on your nose and move cotton balls by sticking them to your nose.  It was SO funny.  The games were great and I owe Brandi big time for having the party ready-made for me!

Sunday we got to spend the day with Grandma and Grandpa where the celebration continued.  This boy is spolied I tell you!

Favorites at age 7:
sport:  football
color:  blue  (BYU blue)
food:  mashed potatoes
book: Mighty Machines
toys:  Legos and Playmobiles
activity:  Throwing, batting, or kicking a ball outside
movie:  Popular Mechanics for Kids

He is sadly becoming my most picky eater.  He loves to wear shorts and has become one of those funny people who will wear shorts all year round, silly boy.  He loves to wear his cowboy gear and go 'exploring' in the nearby field.  He loves to catch snakes and toads and grashoppers.  He loves mud and dirt and sports and being loud.  I love him.

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  1. Hi Emily! I have gotten really out of touch (just kind of disconnecting from my virtual worlds), but I've been thinking about you this week. So, I'm just checking in on you to say "hi". Don't you just wish we could run back to BGC every couple of months just to top off the tank? I soooo hope that you are doing and being well! When is that baby due?! Can't wait to see pictures. Miss you, sweet, brave friend!