Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Flying Lessons

Lesson 29:
Taking a break is a really good thing.

Fall Break was this past week for us.  We had a wonderful time.  We didn't do anything spectacular - no big trip out of town or a visit to the zoo.  We went to two really fun parks near by that we have not played at for a long time and ate lunch there with friends.  The children all played for several hours and had a great time.  Christian has become quite the snake finder and even found a little snake to play with at one park.  I love how he shared his find with his little brother.

We slept in every morning (7am! and even 8 one day!)  We had waffles for breakfast and ate lunch outside.  The weather was AMAZING - between 65 and 80 degrees every day.  We raked leaves and made leaf crafts.  Madeline made me this awesome garland for the mantel.

 I let go of expectations and didn't mention schoolwork once.   We had a movie night and stayed up late eating popcorn.  Kurt took the the children one night to the local stadium to watch a huge marching band competition.  We did a little cleaning and re-organizing of bedrooms and did art in the basement.  We learned how to make yo-yo's and created huge bubbles in the front yard and painted the sidewalk with soapy water.  We picked more veggies from the garden (at the end of October in Colorado - I still can't get over this!).

It was a great week.  After sending the big kids back to school monday morning (on time and ready to go!) I felt ready to tackle all that needs to happen in the next three weeks before baby girl is born.  I can't wait to show you how my HUGE kitchen project is turning out (because that will mean that I am finally FINISHED with it).

Sometimes it doesn't seem logical to take a break and I often feel like I CAN'T because there is always so much to be done.  Yet it is necessary, rejuvinating.  Not too much of a break; I can't just let things go completely - but all work and no play makes for an unhappy Mom and stressed out home.  So take a break when you need it - then get back at it!

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  1. sounds like everything a real break is to me! yeah for beautiful fall weather and super fun activities as a family...