Friday, October 21, 2011

Football and a toothless grin

There has been a lot of teeth coming out at our house this past week.  Both Madeline and Christian have lost 2 teeth.  Madeline's are farther back and not very noticable.  For Christian, you can't miss it !

This saturday is the ending of a first for him and very fun football season.  It has been so fun to have his Uncle as one of the coaches and his cousins on the team to play with.  There is definitely a new passion brewing here.  I'm not sure if the mom is ready for this!

Sailing into winter...


  1. Eli is just starting to like football too. He hasn't played it on a team yet and I'm not sure if I want him too. I love to watch football, just not sure I want to watch my kid be the one getting hit. I love the toothless smile. Such an adorable boy.

  2. How cute is that toothless smile? What a sweet boy! I miss you guys. xo