Sunday, November 6, 2011

Growing up

With her birthday quickly approaching, I have been reflecting on the growing up of my oldest child.  I wouldn't say she has been an easy child; yet she is awesome.  She is smart and creative.  She is a great student.  We have our fair share of power struggles and sassy backtalk; all the while she is quite helpful and takes upon herself the job of looking out for her younger siblings.  I am so thankful she has yet to be caught up in being overly worried about her appearance and clothing and all of that.  I know it will come at some point; but I'm glad it hasn't yet.  I think she's beautiful.

Being the oldest child is tricky; I've realized  I send her mixed messages all of the time.  Some of the time I'm telling her to enjoy being a kid and not to worry so much and over-anayze.  Then other times I ask for her help and expect quite a bit from her as she IS the oldest.  It takes a special personality to be the oldest child and I'm sure she will be ok in spite of my trial by error learning mothering experience.  She is excited to be turning 11 this month and I am excited for her.  She is a great kid!  


  1. 11!! Really. I can't believe it. Wasn't it just last year that you guys lived around the corner from us and I babysat her when you went to the hospital to have Sav? She is definitely beautiful.

    I feel the same trial and error with Eli. I feel bad for him that he gets me in my learning mode all the time. Hopefully there will be benefits to being the oldest that will outweigh the learning curve of parenthood that he deals with.

  2. I agree-- it takes a particularly string spirit to navigate the waters of first child-hood.
    Madeline seems perfect for it.
    Happy birthday!!

  3. I love Madeline, she is awesome. :)

  4. She is a wonderful girl ... and beautiful. I LOVE the relationship I have with my oldest daughter. I see both Julia and Madeline having similar personalities. I am grateful I taught Julia to be open and honest with me at a young age. Julia also didn't worry about what she wore at the age of 11 ... and at the age of 18, she still isn't worried about the latest fashions (and is still gorgeous in my eyes! Even in a simple shirt and jeans). Julia is one to appreciate what she has - and I see Madeline being the same way. It takes a special spirit to be the oldest - the experimental child. She is a wonderful one ... and you are a wonderful mother.

  5. Maddie is so wonderful! I wish we were closer. I feel like the last time i spent any quality time with her she was 2 years old and Jason and I took her with us to a BYU football game. Everyone I saw told me how adorable she was. You had done her hair very fancy and cute. I stopped telling people she was my niece finally and just said thank you. :)Happy Birthday sweet Maddie!

  6. i remember when she was born! i loved to jog down the road and stop by your apartment to hold her. it is hard to believe that was 11 years ago. happy birthday maddie!