Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Halloween 2011

I am one of those mothers who doesn't love Halloween.  How awful, I know.  I don't decorate for it and I find the whole thing a bit tiresome and wasteful.  What to do with that obscene amount of candy?
I require my children to come up with costumes from what I have, or something we can make.  In years past we have been creative and had some really fun things.  This year we went with easy.  Madeline wore her stop sign that I made a few years ago (huge score for me!), Emma was a ballerina and everyone else was a cowboy or cowgirl.  The weather was beautiful and this is the first time my children have really gotten into trick or treating around the neighborhood.  I am not kidding when I say I think each of their bags weighed 15 - 20 pounds.

Thankfully, the Halloween Fairy came last night and traded their candy for books and stickers.  Several of the children informed me today that next year they will not be participating with the Halloween Fairy  but will be hiding their stash from her instead.  Hmmmm, we will have to see about that.
It was a fun day.  I'm glad it's over.  I'm looking forward to children who are not on a constant sugar high.


  1. So cute! I told our kids I wasn't buying anything. Nothing. Zip for their costumes. Kendall didn't hear me tell the kids that, but was happy to be the knight in shining armor again. Kerst found a ski mask and was a ninja. Jaley found John's tie, my white shirt, Julia's black pants and made a "nerd herd" tag to be a Buy More nerd herder (From Chuck - the TV show). I've eating my weight in chocolate. Ugh.

  2. so were you like these parents?