Thursday, November 3, 2011

Snow Day

Yesterday was a snow day.

It was a huge relief to me in so many ways.  Madeline was supposed to be on her way to the mountains for Outdoor Ed for 2 days and 2 nights.  I wasn't very excited about the prospect of her having a two hour bus ride in a blizzard or being stuck far away from me.  The trip is pushed back to next week and I'm relieved.
It was wonderful to sleep in until 7 and have hot cocoa and breakfast cake and not leave the house.  The day was a perfect mixture of productivity, play, and rest.  I worked to finish up some projects I have had going on for way too long.   I did laundry (which is a constant).  I cleaned a bit.  I dressed kids to go out in the snow (which takes longer than they play outside sometimes.)  Funny how that works.  We made pumpkin cookies.  We watched a movie.  The kids played in the snow for most of the day.  Sometimes it surprises me how long Christian and Savanna will stay out there.  I'm glad they can enjoy it so much and use their imagination to build all kinds of piles of snow which serve different purposes.  Apparently this particular pile is for rolling off of.

 I have great memories of playing in the snow as a child and it makes me happy to see my children doing the same.
Now I need to adjust my thinking to get back on track for the remainder of the week!



  1. I love snow days! We slept in. Put away Halloween ... and the kids were excited to set up up Christmas (shhh ... some people might not like that ... I won't turn on the lights until Thanksgiving). I won't turn down their help! Plus with the snow, I had to blast Christmas Music and make the house festive (and messy with boxes). Well, I'm far from done ... at least it is started.

  2. wow! that is a lot of snow! sounds like a good day. i love unexpected breaks like yours today. love you!