Friday, December 9, 2011

Flying Lessons

Lesson 32:   People are a gift.
I have had cause recenlty to reflect on a lot of things.  Having a new baby and attending a funeral within 3 weeks of each other will do that to you:).  I have realized that throughout my life I have been blessed to be surrounded by outstanding people.  Honestly, some people only know a small handful of wonderful people their entire life.  I have had them in abundance for as long as I can remember now.  Sometimes I forget to remember what an important gift this is.  Sometimes I wish the gift was prosperity or other things - and then I realize that I am being blessed with exactly what I need.  God knows that people is what is best for me.  He knows that I love people and I love to be around people who lift me up.  My family is a perfect example of this:  I am child number four of eight.  We are quite a crowd.  There are, as of right now, twenty one grandchildren.  My parents have sacrificed much and dedicated their life to their family.  Is it perfect?  No.  Is it an amazing, fun, wild, huge gift?  YES.

This past week I had another example of this with a dear friend.  I opened this package and look what it was.

I am in awe.  I love this beautiful quilt and I love the woman who made it.  Look at all of those adorable birds and the snuggly black and white polka dot on the back!  I think of the time it took to sew and put together and the thought that went into it.   I can just feel that love when Faye and I wrap up in it when I am nursing her.  It has literally warmed my body and soul.  Thank you, dear friend!

There have been times in my life when I have felt like I didn't have time to work on developing relationships - with friends and family.  I know that sounds crazy but when I get buried under the weight of life I tend to isolate myself.  I am slowly learning that I do much better when I reach out to loving people and friends instead.  I am a better person when I watch the examples I have in my life of incredible people and attempt to do what they would do in my situation.  I'm so glad I have such great people in my life.  If you are reading this I'm sure that means you.  Thank you!  What precious gifts I am blessed with!

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