Friday, December 16, 2011

Gift Tags

Over at Sisterview, a blog recently created with my sisters and sister in law, we had a Christmas Gift tag challenge.  That got me started.  I have created a few more since then.  Because we do only a few gifts for each child, I have found so much pleasure in making these fancy tags for each package.  I think it makes the recipient feel important and I like how it looks under the tree!  I enjoy adding a handmade touch.  You can make several tags from just a few scraps of paper. I know, easy for me to say, coming from the lady who has WAY TOO MANY pieces of cute paper at her house.

I love having a new baby at this time of year.  I have been sitting next to the lighted tree in the evening, holding my new little one, being at peace in that moment.  I want to learn how to keep that feeling with me more often.  I guess that's why I am a little saddened that the 25th is approaching so rapidly.  I won't be ready for it all to be over so quickly.  I love this.



  1. What a precious picture!
    You are so creative! I still haven't even started wrapping - the kids are dying for the codes to figure out their gifts. We too only do a few presents for each child. xoxo

  2. That picture is priceless. I say that so often with your pictures, but wow.

    And I love how your creativity comes from your soul. It's inspiring.