Sunday, January 8, 2012

Light No. 1

 “Your task is to conquer yourselves, not ships, lands and castles. This battle is the one in which you especially are to come off conqueror. It is fought every day. In fact, it is a continuing process which commenced a long, long time ago.”
-Neal A. Maxwell

Am I really already one week into the new year?
It was a great week.  The children had a good week back to school and tried especially hard to complete their homework at school and quickly at home.  That act alone makes the evenings around here a compeltely different experience.

This week I spent a lot of time thinking about my more individual goals.  I keep coming back to a few words:
Light, smile, and choose.
Choose to smile and choose to let the light in.

This week I didn't have my goals down specifically enough to report on exactly what happened.  I did get back to the gym and go 4 times.  Consequently, I was so sore I could hardly make it down the stairs (it seems so wrong that it takes a year to get into shape and only 8 weeks off to lose it all).  I spent some wonderful time sitting on the floor playing games with a sweet 3 year old boy (who would have thought that age 3 his favorite game would be UNO?).
I drank more water and probably read too much.  (Unbroken, anyone?  I can't seem to put it down...)
I kept up on laundry and kept the house resonably picked up.
Most importanlty, I smiled every day a few times and gave more hugs to my children.

I didn't completely go nuts over the fact that the furnace is not working and it's snowing outside.  I really really don't enjoy being cold (it sends my back muscles into painful fits!).  However, we have managed to laugh about it and are all wearing hoodies around the house.  Let's hope tomorrow brings a solution to that!

This week I am going to:
take photos of light and improve photo skills
go to gym
spend individual time with each child
drink more water
have a soft answer.

have a great week!

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