Saturday, January 7, 2012

Weekend Fun

Since I am a rodeo junkie, and because my tactic for 'help me clean the house tonight and we will do something fun tomorrow worked (35%success rate) we went to the National Western Stock Show rodeo as a family today.  As stated, I LOVE rodeos.  I am a wanna be cowgirl and I still think I should have been born right into a Louis L'Amour novel.  Becuase I was not, I fill this void in my life by attending rodeos and wearing cowgirl boots and a hat!
The stock show is fun because you also get to see a lot of other animals and explore educational set-ups for the kids.  Other than the part where we got separated and didn't have our phones to find eachother for a while, we had a great time.

I absolutely love how these stairs are painted.

Part way through the day it began to snow and I could not resist the chance to get a photo of us with snow falling around us - for some reason I have always wanted to do this.  Even with the freeway in the background and Clark on his way to pick his nose and Emma scowling, I still love it.

I got my boots shined up and the kids got to sit on the most enormous bull I have EVER seen.

True to form, at one point Emma became more of the show than the stock show was.  I just know that later in her life this trait of knowing her mind and having incredible will power will be a great blessing.  Until then... how to channel this is the right direction?
Sigh.  My dream of one day moving out from the city a bit with an old farmhouse to fix up and a lot of land for grandchildren to explore burns on.  I can see the barn in my mind, which houses both an amazing art room and a photo room with large windows for natural light (and in the back end a riding lawn mower and woodworking tools of course).  Here's to dreams.  Someday.

Sailing on,


  1. So much fun!!! I love Maddie carrying her doll like you are carrying Faye - so cute! Such a gorgeous family!

  2. oh my. those pictures are so cute!! I absolutely love the one of Clark at the end.