Tuesday, January 10, 2012

You have to laugh

You really do have to laugh about how this week is going so far.
Over the weekend, the furnace wouldn't turn on and it was chilly.  Monday morning after returning from a hour + long appointment at the pediatric cardioligist (with the happy news that if Faye does in fact have a heart murmur it is not serious and we will just check back in a month) a hose popped off the washing machine, spraying water all over the laundry room.  Monday evening the washer quit working.  This morning the garage door wouldn't shut and after I got home from taking the children to school I had a flat tire.  Seriously.
I hate to ask this question but really :  What next?

The good news:
Faye is fine and for now wont' be having any major medical work.  After what we have been through with Clark this is a HUGE,  beautiful blessing.  The furnace is fixed (and the children helped clean out the vent).  I was home when the hose came off in the laundry room so I heard it right away and was able to turn off the washer before we had any flooding throughout the house.  The washer is under warranty and we had a serviceman who came out today for no charge and it's all taken care of.  While he was here he checked out the dryer too and it turns out the dryer vent going outside is blocked!  Good to know.  We'll tackle that one tomorrow.  The garage door isn't opening not because we need a new opener (which is expensive) but because pesky rodents are chewing on the wires as they are burrowing holes from the outside,  trying to get into the garage.  I know how to take care of that.  We have a full size spare tire which can be on the van until I can get a new one.  Whew.  It's been a funny few days but really I'm so glad things worked out the way they did.  I could have been stranded somewhere with a flat tire with 3 little children; the house could have flooded; the furnace could have cost a small fortune to replace.

It's all good.  See, I'm really trying to see the light in all of this!  (OF course I'm doing great because it's only the 10th day of the year. ha.)

By the way, did you know that croquet mallets are really something else?  They are SNOW PUSHERS.  Just wanted to make sure you knew, because it was news to me as well.

A sleveless dress, thin sweater, boots without socks and a sucker in your mouth is the perfect get up for snow, wouldn't you agree?
Sailing on,

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  1. Love the title of your blog and the ideas you share here.