Monday, February 20, 2012

Light No. 7

I'm a day off but I was too tired last night and the pounding, dizzying headache prevailed.

Was Valentine's Day really just this past week?  It feels like that happened so long ago I had to remind myself that it was on tuesday.  This week I was able to seek light in many different ways.

For one, I went the entire week without ANY sugar.  This was part of my resolutionary challenge.  I am so glad I did it and was amazed at the difference it made for this little lady.  She was much less fussy and slept better than she ever has.  I had a treat today because I wanted to reward myself.  The amazing thing is that I think I will go back to no sugar for the remainder of the week because now I know I can do it and also I realized that most of the time I am not missing much.  In addition, I really prefer a happy baby who sleeps!
I found light this week when I had the opportunity to visit with a brother of mine who was in town.  Going to see him completely threw our schedule for a school night and was worth every second of it.  I am really working on being a better listener and am finding that when I truly listen and have a desire to really hear, deep down, what someone is saying to me that it brings my joy and makes my heart more full of light.  I feel one step closer to that person and have a little more understanding.  
While visiting with a few friends from Church this week I also found light.  One of the friends I talk with often has the most amazing eyes.  I know this sounds crazy because it is, but not until this year, this past month have I really noticed people's eyes.  You could have asked me 3 months ago what color eyes any of my children had and I couldn't tell you (terrible, I know).  It just has never been a feature that I really focus on.  I realize now what a huge mistake this is.  I am finding that when I really look into people's eyes it softens my heart towards them and allows me to listen more with my heart.  I am thankful I am {finally} learning this.  
I successfully spent at least thirty minutes each day in some form of creative exercise this week.  Doing this fills me up in so many ways and I love it.  It also allows me to grow in my creativity and ability to try new things.  Now if only I could try to not lose my patience with my children this week.  Then we would really be moving forward! 
have a great week - I'm sailing on, 

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  1. I have to admit that I'm not an "eyes" person, either. Well, sort of. I notice eyes and love eyes, but color isn't something that registers for me.

    Faye's eyes in that picture are so beautiful. And Madeline, well, she's just a neat one, isn't she?!