Wednesday, February 15, 2012

On Valentines: Auto Parts Rock

I hope you had a great Valentine's Day.  I confess it has not been a favored holiday of mine for a long time running.  Yesterday I decided that in the future we should celebrate it on the 15th at my house.  That way I can buy a few treats and other ridiculously priced items for my children the day after for 50% off and give them to them.  Ok, I'm not really going to do that.  But I have considered it.

For Valentine's Day Kurt gave me something I truly have wanted for a long time:  a new door handle for my van!  I have never been so happy in my life to see an auto part.  I really love doors that open, I mean I LOVE THEM.  When you have spent over a year getting into the drivers seat of the car by climbing through other doors (especially through a pregnancy) you begin to fall in love with things like operational door handles.

My children had a great day.  Those who particated in school parties came home with so much candy it looked like halloween all over again.  It took a while for the sugar highs to disappate but it was fun to see them open up their candy and dance all over the house with it.  I especially loved watching the way they shared with their younger siblings who were not at school in parties.

I'm glad it is over for another year.  I hope yours was great!

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  1. That is a TON of candy.

    I love the door handle. Better than roses any day. We have a rope tied on to the broken door handle on the drivers side door on our car so that we can open it. We like to call it our anti-theft device. So glad you aren't climbing over the seats anymore.