Saturday, February 4, 2012

Snow baby snow

It stopped snowing this afternoon.  After 36 hours of snow.  We have 16 inches.  It was a blast.

I didn't even leave the house at all yesterday.  well, only to take photos from the protection of the garage.  I just stayed warm and cozy inside and let Kurt do all the work.

This afternoon the sun came out and started to melt things down a bit.  Thank goodness for the plow that made it down our street or we would have not made it out today.  Which would have been ok with me too.  

What a great weekend!
The end.


  1. That looks fun.(minus the shoveling part) My kids would love that much snow. We've only had a few inches this winter. I don't mind the 45 degree days but we may not go sledding once this whole winter.