Sunday, March 11, 2012

Light No. 10

Here we are and we have made it through another week! We did a lot of this this past week.

I'm glad we are over that.  We didn't do nearly enough sleeping.  The mom didn't have a soft enough voice.   She yelled.  She cried.  She was exhausted.  She needs to do much better.  She feels like she is failing in varying degrees at everything.  She kept going anyway. 

One thing that happened this week that was definitely the light for me was having Emma unexpectedly lose her first tooth.  None of us knew it was even loose.  She and Clark were painting and she went to try to open the paint with her teeth and her tooth just popped out into her hand.  We laughed and laughed about it and she has loved feeling so grown up.  It was a really fun thing to have happen on an otherwise dreary day.  

I need to re-invent myself this week; because I don't want to be anything like I was this past week.  Yet here I am, the same me I've always been and will be again.  I didn't do much this week to fill myself up and I can tell I'm running on empty.  It's hard to dish out what you don't have yourself.  

On a side note, we discovered that Faye looks great in 3-D glasses
And that blowing q-tips through straws at your cousins and grandparents is a really really fun game. 
My resolution for this week is to not run away.  ha.  as if that's even an option.  
Sailing on, 

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