Monday, April 9, 2012

Light No. 14

This past week was a happy one.  I feel like I did a good job of balancing out my days and being productive while taking care of my body at the same time.  Savanna headed up a team of super heroes (masks and capes included)  that stormed through the house doing some crime fighting which helped as well.

We had an enjoyable time coloring Easter eggs (9 dozen) and made great progress preparing the garden for planting very soon.  I was able to help a friend who sadly moved this past week and it made me so happy to be able to serve her in ways that others have done for me in the past.

I made a very small amount of progress in orgaizing my craft space but I have to keep reminding myself that even minute progress is still forward motion!  If I keep moving forward I consider that a victory.
I spent time journaling about things I am grateful for each day this week and it made me realize, once again, how much I am blessed with that I sometimes forget about or take for granted.
I have begun a new journey on my after baby weight loss and so far so good.  It feels good to be careful about what I'm eating and to take care of myself.

We made it through another week of school -- it seems to become very demanding and difficult at this time of year!  My children have all developed good study habits and work very hard to be good students for which I am so proud of them.  I feel like giving them an outstanding education is one of the only gifts I truly have to offer them right now so that is important to me.

I finished reading two books this past week; both of which were very thought provoking and allowed me to reflect on some of my own styles of parenting and behaviors.  I often feel like I should expect more from my children and then I have times where I think I expect too much.  I have worked hard this year to raise the bar on my expectations in areas that I feel truly matter long term.  I have seen some fantastic improvements this week and I feel like the work is coming to fruition.  Yesterday at church all of the children sat in their seats very reverenlty for all of church and it was so nice to be able to focus on hearing the Easter messages rather than on policing little people.  We all came home happy and filled with the spirit of Easter.  We spent the remainder of the day at my parents' house having a delicious meal and enjoying the sunny weather.  I have to record here for the record book that my Mom and I beat my Dad and brother at cornhole three times in a row.  When we all left my brother demanded a rematch for next time.  It was such a perfect Easter!

The house is a bit trashed after all of the egg finding, candy opening, running around fun that came with the weekend but I know I can put it back together quickly and have everything back in order when the older children arrive home from school this afternoon.  I was a little disappointed with myself for not doing it last night, as well as posting here but with a splitting headache and backache I chose to take care of my body instead and so I went to bed!

Here's to another happy week full of productivity and smiles!
Sailing on,

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  1. I love that picture with Sav and her cape and mask. And the Faye's cute nails, and everyone else because you are all so cute!