Saturday, April 21, 2012

Not like she thought

This spunky five year old girl now missing not one but two front teeth had a birthday party to attend yesterday.

I dropped her off and went home -- fed the baby, made some bread, broke up the wrestling match on the trampoline, planted some seeds, did some laundry.  Suddenly I looked at the clock and realized that the party had ended.  THIRTY MINUTES AGO.  I rushed out the door without even pausing to put shoes on, leaving my oldest home to babysit everyone (!!!) since I was going just a few blocks away.  I apoligize profusely for my tardiness and the mother of the birthday girl was very gracious.  I'm glad I could make such a great first impression.  HA!  We got in the car to go home and this is what Emma said to me:
"Mom, you are not like I thought you would be."
"Emma, how did you think I would be?"
"Well, I thought you would be SMARTER.  And I thought you would never be late to pick me up."

Wow.  Thanks Emma.  I have to say, I thought I would be smarter too and I thought I would never be late to pick her up either.  Life has a funny way of exposing every inch of weakness, doesn't it?  And children have a way of pointing out every mistake as well.

another day in the life...still loving it.
Sailing on,

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