Thursday, May 3, 2012

It goes on and on

This girl's creative abilities are amazing.  Sometimes frightening, usually messy, nevertheless, amazing.  While her cousins were here she planned and set up a full blown terrarium under the trampoline using every animal toy we own.  She made several trips to the field across the street to collect the perfect items for each animal's habitat {Mom, look, this plant looks exactly like bamboo for the panda bear!}
All of the other children were totally into it and loved her idea.  They played out there for HOURS.  When they needed a break they jumped on the trampoline or had a snack; but it was the main activity for the better pary of a saturday.  I love it.

The truth is that Savanna is so much like me that it sometimes hurts.  I want her to not be like me but to be better than me.  I want her to only have my strengths and none of my weaknesses.  Savanna is an amazing girl and of course is so much her own person and I know she has great things in her future.  For now, I love that she can singlehandedly round up seven children and provide them with hours of play.
When I saw her pushing a wagon across the street again to get more dirt and grass from the field I tried to remember that it was all ok.  And then I told her I thought we had made enough trips across to the field. 

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  1. Magical. I love these childhood moments. They seemed tinged in gold. So pure and real.

    Sweet Sav. I have thought exactly the same thing many times about my kids, that I want them to have my strengths, but none of my weaknesses. It is so challenging to have the faith that an omniscient and loving father prepared a mortality exactly suited to them so they could learn what they need to return to him.

    Love and miss you! Jen