Monday, May 28, 2012

Light No. 21

What a week!  The end of the school year is always so hectic and then bam, it's over.  And I have this great vision of sleeping in and having a wonderful lazy morning with a quiet house and nowhere to go.  Does that happen?  No way.  Of course the next morning my children are up at the crack of dawn to revel in the fact that they don't have school.  We need to work on that.  Sleep is a wonderful thing. . .  and I wouldn't mind if we started getting more of it.

We had such a fun weekend, getting together with people we love for dinners, birthday celebrations, and just to play!  I feel happy having friends in my home; visiting with them as we hear the sounds of laughter and games going on in the backyard.  Again, I realize how blessed I have been in my life to be surrounded by remarkable people who enrich my life in so many ways.

Faye has a few new tricks this week; sitting up and blowing bubbles and rasperries.  She's awfully cute and gets mobbed more frequently now that everyone is home to hover over her and watch all of the adorable things she does all day.  

I had a terrible eye reaction this week which led to an after hours visit to the eye doctor and ultimately the banning of my wearing contacts until my 'damaged eyes'  are healed.  Wearing my glasses is driving me crazy; I'm super self conscious wearing them and the worst is when I walk inside and push them up on my head as if I'm wearing sun glasses (because they are transition lenses and change on their own when I'm in the sun).  Then I suddenly realize I am blind and just put my regular glasses up on top of my head.  Let's hope I get used to this soon.  I am thankful that the reaction led me to a good eye check and proper care; the doc spooked me out a bit about all of the bacteria that lurk in swimming pools and other places this time of year that prey on damaged eyes and can cause blindness in a matter of 72 hours.  I thought that type of thing only really still happend in other countries... but no.  And since I do treasure my eyesight I am following orders.  Bummer.

Swimteam started this week and we are first timers here.  I can't even express how proud I am of my oldest daughters for jumping in and swimming through exhaustion and learning and being brave enough to go back the next day and the next and the next.  It's tough and they are doing a great job.

I'm taking more deep breaths and trying to refrain from some of my natural reactions to sassy situations.  The summer daily challenge is up and running and the children are fully aware of their responsibilities and rewards.  I'm looking forward to having a lot of fun with them while growing and learning and working together.  I am seeing a lot of beautiful light around here.
Sailing on,

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  1. I love your glasses!
    Up at the crack of dawn?!? My kids start trickling out of bed around 9:00. Kendall is the first - he needs at least 12 hours of sleep. With it staying light later and later, his 7:00 bedtime is now around 8:00. I do love my time with him alone. He is so fun to be with. This morning he came down and said, "Aren't we supposed to be working in the yard?" And that's where I'm heading now ... love that boy. So much work to do and he's a fun one to be with.