Thursday, May 31, 2012

Suddenly She's 10!

Am I the only mother who thinks it a bit hard to believe when her children have yet another birthday and then are suddenly ten years old?  I know it's cliche but where did the time go?  How did this little girl
Become this girl?  How do the days seem long and the weeks and years so short?
Because Savanna's birthday fell on Memorial Day this year we got to spend a lot of time together and Kurt was even off work!  She enjoyed breakfast in bed, gifts and then as a family we went rock climbing at Castlewood Canyon.  
We came home and enjoyed a barbecue at a friends' house.  Since she had a cake with her cousin last week I didn't bake another one and instead she had a big candle in a carton of Ben and Jerry's Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough ice cream at our friend's house.  When I asked her if that was all ok and if she had a good birthday she told me it was the best one ever and she will never forget it.  I went to bed with relief! 
Favorites, at age 10:
color:  any bright, neon color
food:  corned beef
daytime activity:  playing outside
movie:    Soul Surfer
book:  The Call of the Wild
subject in school:  Math
store:  Michaels, JoAnns
song:  anything loud that I can dance to or blast on my ipod
I love Savanna.  She is so much fun and so very creative.

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  1. I love the favorites. Wish I had done that through the years for my kids.
    Your kids look so much alike - I love it!
    Happy birthday to a creative spunky girl!