Friday, June 29, 2012

Just when

Just when you think you may be able to breathe normally for a few weeks of life your husband ends up in a car accident {not his fault} and the car is ruined.

I'm tired of talking to insurance people who can't help me, tired of worrying if Kurt's back and neck will be ok and tired of wondering how we will find another vehicle to replace that which was lost.  And it just happened yesterday.

So I'm off to the basement to do some sewing and hopefully a little creativity.  Then maybe when I emerge my children won't continue asking me if I am turning into a grizzy bear permanently.

Wish me luck!


  1. UGH!! I'm so sorry. I sometimes tell myself when life settles down I'll do this or that then I realize that life will never settle down. I hope all is well with Kurt the car stuff.

  2. Geeze. I'm glad he is safe! Things always work out, they do. Be it a crazy hail storm that brings work, a car accident that might bring other unforeseen blessings, the blessings come - they do. Keep your eye on the silver lining. It's there! xoxo