Monday, June 25, 2012

Light No. 25

Summer is flying by.  I vacillate between feeling like we haven't had enough fun and wondering if we aren't doing enough work.

We've spent a good amount of time in the swimming pool, playing with friends, running in sprinklers, working in the yard and the garden, and reading good books.  I love this about summer.  After a visit to the library the children all ran inside to open up the books they had each chosen and to find a comfy place to read for a while.  An hour later I looked around the house to see where everyone had gone and why it was so quiet and found them still engrossed.  That made my heart feel light.  It is amazing how such simple things can bring them {and me} so much joy.

I began my daily creative time again and have found peace there.  Thirty minutes can do amazing things for me.  I'm back at it with P90x and feel happy to be getting stronger.

I was able to remember that I have many many blessings to be thankful for.  My husband has been working such long, tiring hours in the 100 degree weather that my heart swells with gratitude for his willingness to be the father of a large family and to take on that responsibility.  As I watch my siblings play together {in between disagreements} my heart expands more; feeling ever thankful for all of the life lessons we learn by being part of a family.

I also got behind on the laundry, still have a bag to unpack from the trip, and have yet to do a full housecleaning in over a week.  This bothers me yet I'm thrilled with the garden and the fun and the time spent enjoying summer.  It's a season, after all, just like I am in a season in my life, and I certainly don't want to allow that to slip by without fully enjoying it.

Enjoy your season!
Sailing on,

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  1. You captured the season on summer so well here. It made me happy to read. :) THanks for the little uplift. Your beautiful kids...I never tire of seeing pictures of them. Sweet Faye and that smile!!!!!! Love and miss you so much.