Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Temple Square

While we were in Utah I had the oportunity to visit Temple Square.  If you are ever remotely close to Salt Lake City and have even an hour to spare I would highly recommend a visit.  There are so many beautiful things to see and learn.

The landscaping is immaculate and you will love all of the flowers.

Right now in one of the visitors centers there is a model of the Salt Lake Temple that is sliced open on two sides and shows you what is inside every room, down to the tiny details.  It was really neat to see.

Every time I see that massive structure I am again amazed at the talent, hard work and determination of those who spent so many years building it.

Inside the Joseph Smith Memorial Buildling you can do Geneology work and have your picture taken!

I love being there and walking around.  I love the feeling of knowing that so many of my ancestors worked to make it possible.  In a few weeks we will be back for a family reunion and will have some tours of the origianl Tabernacle.  I can't wait to learn and see more.


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