Wednesday, July 18, 2012

What we brought home...

Sadly, Kurt brought an injury home from the beach with him.  He was knocked over by a wave and braced himself with his left hand as he hit the sand and... at first I thought it must be broken.  A trip to a local urgent care showed no broken bones.  Then it got worse, and worse.  All the way home.  So he saw a hand specialist yesterday and had surgery today.  His ligament that connects the thumb to the rest of his hand is now re-attched, along with the muscles that were cut through to get to that ligament.  Whew.  It's been quite a day.  I feel really bad for Kurt.  Especially since he also had a bad allergic reaction to the antibiotic in his iv and almost didn't have the surgery because they had to rescue him from the terrible reaction.  Kurt is alergic to the penecilin family of drugs.  Good to know.  Apparently he hasn't had an antibiotic for as many years as he can remember.  And now we know.
The good news is that he has a great doctor and excellent surgeon.  Having an allergic reaction when being watched over by several medicial professionals is a good place to have one.  The surgery center is willing to bill us as in-network patients even though we are not because they couldn't fit him into the schedule at the center that IS in our network.  He is on painkillers (that's a huge good thing for him I'm sure.  I can't even imagine how painful this is).  And the other good news is:  we are still here.  We made it through yet another day where life is unpredicatble and we are all just trying to do our best with what we have.  The end.

Pray for Kurt!


  1. Holy cow!!! Thank heaven for modern medicine!! I love the way you look for blessings Emily!!

  2. OH NO! We know exactly what you are going through! That is great they are going to bill you for in-network. That has been saving us at least 40% overall for Jenna. We finally met her deductible and co-insurance and her surgery next week is covered 100%. I'm glad you still have that awesome insurance!

    You are in our prayers ... thank goodness for modern medicine. We have been talking as a family of what would have happened in the pioneer days with Jenna's injuries. First of all, they wouldn't have cars (or as many) ... but then there were horses.

  3. OH I am so sorry! I'm so glad things worked out after his allergic reaction. We will most certainly keep you in our prayers. Such a bummer. I hope it heals quickly. xo