Monday, August 13, 2012

2012 Smith / Olsen Campout

We went camping in Golden Gate Canyon State Park this past week with our dear friends.  I love this campground because it is not very far out of town and pretty easy for us to get to.  The children loved having "fire sticks" and exploring.
Chrisitan and Trevor would call to each other "to the boulders".  Classic. 

I don't know why I had the idea that I would get a little bit of sleep.  Faye and I slept in the van, well, we laid in the van unitl the sun came up.  I love being in the mountains, I love watching the children have so much fun, I love the campfire.  Then when it's bed time I regreat choosing to be there.  My back really can't take it - sleeping on the ground whether there is an air mattress or not.  I just need my own bed too much.  I guess I'm old now and not much fun.  I survived and we all had a great time.  
Colorado is truly is beautiful state and I'm grateful to live here.  Driving through the mountains and climbing the rocks fills me with awe for this earth we have to live on.  Savanna continues to be a world class climber and scaled everything she could find. 
We only stayed one night because there is always too much to do and the dad's have to work, after all.  It was one night of great fun though and I'm sure these memories will be with us forever. 
After breakfast we took a little hike up the rocks and had a great view.  I loved all the moss growing on the rocks and was scheming about how I could bring one home to my yard.  Then I remembered that 'leave no trace' business and decided I better not :).
Thank you, friends for such a great time.  

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