Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Light No. 30

Good times.  That is how I would describe this past week.

My van got the transmission work finished just in time for us to drive all night and make it to the family reunion.  Thanks to Kurt for driving until 3am.  Thanks to my brother and his wife for allowing us to crash into their house at 3am.  Thanks to my children for being so adorable even when they have to stop every 20 miles for something:).

It was an amazing week.  One where we all ended up smiling, exhausted, and full of forever memories.  Again I am reminded that although I look around my life and feel like I need to brace myself for another mini crisis because they always seem to be happening, I cannot deny that the Lord is aware of me and my family and our needs.  There is light shining through and tender mercies all around us.

My top 10 this past week {in no particular order} are:

1.  Getting a family photo with my parents, all 8 of their children with spouses, and all 21 of their grandchildren.  Good times.

2.  Having a family lip sync where I laughed myself to tears and made a fool out of myself in the same night.

3.  Watching my children pal around with their cousins and write in each others' journals about how much they love each other.

4.  Learn more about my ancestors and temple square, especially the tabernacle that Henry Grow designed and directed the building of.

5.  Watch my brother Brent give all 21 of those grandchildren drinks out of his camelback.  Priceless.

6.  Play a game of Acquire with my brothers.  Even though I was destroyed, it was so fun to play with them.
7.  Have a memorial service for my Grandmother and being able to choose a few of her things to bring home to remember her.  The feeling that I had as I listened to my Mother talk about her Mother.

8.  Hanging out with my two sisters and making a chocolate cake with them.  Scheming about how soon we can all get together again to sew or just laugh ourselves silly all hours of the day and night.

9.  Playing a family soccer game and participating in the 'Sheffield Family Olympics' that my brother put together.  That was one hot and sweaty, spectacular afternoon.

10.  Receive a family ancestry book as a gift from my parents that is SUCH a treasure.

I can't help but think back on the week and say "Isn't life miraclous?"  So many differnt moments, people, and feelings organized into experiences that shape us, bless us, try us, and teach us.  Aren't we lucky we get to be on this ride?

Sailing On,


  1. It was a great weekend. It was so fun to see you!

  2. I'm glad you guys had a good time and even more glad that the pictures worked out.

  3. Family reunions are the BEST. Period.