Sunday, August 12, 2012

Light No. 32

Kurt and I have decided that we were officially fun parents this week.

Monday night we went out to Ben and Jerry's for ice cream after spending a small fortune purchasing new uniform clothes for the upcoming school year.  Tuesday I took the children to a swim park here in Parker and we had a blast.   Later that evening counsins came over and everyone slept out on the trampoline.

Wednesday we spent the day at a friend's house.  Thursday we went camping with friends.  Friday afternoon we came home from the mountains and Kurt took Sav and Chrisitan to the swim park while Madeline headed to the pool.  Saturday we went the fair and rodeo.

Today is my birthday and we had dinner at my parent's house with friends as well.  I know that is quite a travelogue but I think it's important to document {for my children} how much we say yes to and that we do, in fact, try to have fun as a family.

My children worked hard to keep their rooms cleaned up and were great helpers at all of these different activities.  Sometimes I forget to stop and look around and appreciate what wonderful people they are becoming.  They really are and I love them.

I'm in denial about this week being our last week of summer.  I'm not excited about school starting.  Early mornings, packing lunches, homework.  I want my routine back but at the same time it's just so much more work than what we are doing right now.  I guess that's what summer is for -- a season to refuel, make memories, be fun and stay up late so we can hit the grindstone again and work hard.  Then right as we get to the end of the year and we run out of juice we get to summer break again.

As I went to school registration this past week I once again felt so many tender mercies from my Heavenly Father.  Savanna got the school teacher I know she needs to have this year.  The other children are well matched in their classes and are with friends.  I'm thankful that Heavenly Father cares enough to address my concerns about even the smallest things.  It's going to be a good year.

There has been so much light shining this week; rays on sunshine pouring out blessings upon our heads as we play together and enjoy this crazy life.  And then it begins...

Sailing On,

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  1. It's good to mingle the weeks of fun in with everything else real life requires. And I agree- I record some of that stuff just so my kids will know that yes, we did make an effort to provide many different opportunities and experiences for them!!

    Hope you've recovered from all the busy!