Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Light No. 33

The week was another fun-filled week with school preparations piled on top.  So much has happened that I already feel like last week was last month.  Isn't that strange how that works?  Does that happen at your house too.  I keep thinking of how we are never really at home in time because we belong to eternity.

My oldest daughter started Middle School this past week.  I assure you when I thought about all that becoming a parent involved, I did not think of this because it always seemed SO FAR AWAY.  That day has come quickly and we are moving along smoothly.  It's hard to believe my daughter has a locker now and wears mascara and picked out converse high tops for her school shoes.  I guess she must be growing up.  And I'm pleased with who she is, she is a girl to make a mother proud.

Friday night we took the family to Lakeside Amusement Park to use our groupon before it expired.  Did you know that rollercoaster was built in 1942?  It is one of only two rollercoasters from that era still running and is "esquistely kept".  It was really a lot of fun to be there and have the children have such a great time.

Again, I just feel my blessings overflowing.  I've been blessed by so many wonderful people and fulfilling friendships and I'm so thankful for the time I have been able to spend with friends this summer.  I learn so much from each of them.  I have a great family that is not perfect but we all keep trying every day and then we get up and do it all again.   And while we try we look for light, we see it shining through and we seek it out until it can shine into all the parts of us that need it the very most.

I guess that's what I'm good at -- just trying again.  Here goes another week of trying...
Sailing on,

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