Sunday, August 26, 2012

Light No. 34

I'm starting to feel ok about being at week 34.  I'm beginning to look for light more frequently and without forcing myself to; I would even say it is becoming a habit.  That makes me happy.

The first week of school went well and we are settling into the new demands of homework and carpool lines, cross country, swimming, soccer, piano, and tired children at the end of the day.  I've surrendered my schedule to the school and to sports; to church activities and to children growing up.

I have 2 hours one day a week where I am alone at home with Faye.  This past week we spent it at the doctor's office and more children have fallen ill since so I don't know what this week will bring.  I'm headed to bed early and praying hard that everyone can sleep through the night tonight and that Clark's breathing will stay in check to keep us out of the emergency room.  It's funny how this always seems to happen on a weekend in the middle of the night.  I'm thankful that we have great health insurance benefits that cover his asthma medications and that he likes to sit in a steamy shower.  I'm thankful that I am now at the point that I have had enough experince with this to know that he will be ok.  I just look forward to this passing so I can sleep for more than an hour at a time again.

The air has changed and the weather is cooler and I took a few minutes this week to change the decor around just a little to welcome fall.  It only took ten minutes but everything got dusted and it makes me happy to see the beauty that has all come from the garden.  I had a lunch with some friends to catch up and was reminded by how I'm surrounded by wonderful people.  I'm beginning to feel more like this new neighborhood is home {now that it's been a year and a half} and to feel like I have friends.

I was thinking today as I harvested more from the garden how truly amazing life is.  What can grow from a single seed.  How we can work hard and then enjoy the benefits of a bountiful harvest.  I was thinking that children are growing up and that I need to do a better job of making sure they know more about what I believe in more about why it is important to be obedient rather than just knowing that I want them to be obedient.  I was thinking about a five year old boy in my church class today who, when asked about how Jesus Christ shows us he loves us answered "He always gives me a second chance."  I'm thankful for second chances.  I'm looking forward to starting one again tomorrow morning as the sun comes up and a new week begins.  Here goes...

Sailing On,

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