Saturday, September 22, 2012

First Broken Bone

It is a little bit amazing to me that we have gone this long without a broken bone.  We usually do stitches, hospitalization and surgeries around here but not broken bones.  Clark broke that trend last night playing on the swingset.

I was inside, working on dinner and after school snack.  As soon as he came in and sat on my lap and wouldn't move his hand I had a good idea what was going on.  It's a minor break, not even all the way through the bone.  It's going to heal just fine and he is one tough boy.  Wearing a cast for three weeks is not going to be fun.  He just has a splint right now until the swelling goes down and he already wants me to take it off.  I tried to explain to him how long it will be on there.  The cast comes next week, after the swelling has gone down.  Poor buddy.

Sailing on,


  1. Poor Clark. I must say that he is adorable in his look at my broken arm picture. I hope all goes well. We've never had a broken bone here yet either. (Yes, I'm knocking on wood as I type this.) I imagine the day will come though. You'll have to tell me if you can get casts wet now a days. I saw a kid at the water park this summer with a cast just swimming away with it covered at all. I thought that was weird and wondered if they're made of a different material or something now.

  2. :( hugs and kisses. I know you will do something fun with his cast ... modge podge his favorite items, etc. Jaley had a waterproof cast but it was not very comfortable as the "soft stuff" was not soft ... but water proof bubble type material. Jenna prefers none ... she spent enough time in them this year :)

  3. And once again, I am so grateful you have amazing insurance. What a blessing. I wish we had your amazing coverage, but still grateful we have the great coverage we have ...

  4. Oh I'm so sorry for your both:( It has to be tough on him but also no fun for you at all! Josh was our first...hopefully our last...broken bone just last year. Can't imagine doing it with a little one that may not understand! Poor thing.