Monday, September 3, 2012

Light No. 35

This week was one of staying home all day and taking care of sick little ones.  We did a lot of movie watching, babie holding, nose wiping, prescription filling, epsom salt baths and nebulizers.  It can be a double edged sword; staying home all week.  One the one hand it is great to be at home to hold your little ones and to take care of things around the house that have been lost in the whirlwind the past several months.  On the other hand the errands and all of the running around you normally do gets farther behind and you wonder where you'll make that up.  And then you realize that you won't ever make it up and that you are just running farther behind and that is the new normal.   

I found myself sleep deprived and running on low patience this week; unfortunately my family got the brunt of that.  I was happy to feel fall in the air but still have the weather beautiful enough to play outside and enjoy the yard. I awoke this week to beautiful sunrises, reminding me that heaven is not far away and that light is shining through.  

I watched a few Mormon Messages and loved the quote from Neal A. Maxwell "Moments are the molecules that make up eternity."  It made me really reflect on choosing the better part in those moments when I'm needed by someone but am maybe distracted by another task not quite as important.  I'm proud to say I put dishes aside, put my phone down, got off the computer and created some good memories.  A new soccer season has begun; the peaches are now jam and the sheets are clean.  The makeup work from missing school is complete and homework is finished.  I have to at least celebrate those successes!  

I'm feeling thankful.  I'm thankful that Faye is sick now that she is old enough to handle it and not last winter when it would have put her in the hospital.  I'm thankful to have good doctors and kind friends who have checked in on us and who offer up their hearts just because they can.  The world is such a beautiful place when beauty is what I'm looking for!  

Sailing on, 

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  1. Uuggg. I've had sick ones this week fun at all. So sorry. Enjoy the Autumn for me this year. I'm missing it fiercely. Wishing and hoping someday I get to experience it again?! Love you guys! Hope everyone gets better soon and without any major trauma!