Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Light No. 36

We are in that stage of life where living through one week feels like living an entire month.  I have to look at my calendar and at pictures to make sure I'm not just mixing things together; but no.  We really did have 5 soccer practices, 2 swimming lessons, 3 soccer games, 2 musical tryouts, playgroup, one laser treatment, a birthday party and the fun run at school.
Faye had her first of sever laser treatments to help with her birthmark on her cheek/neck.  I admit after the immediate results following the treatment I was feeling REALLY bad (those big red splotches will heal and go away, that is the result of the laser) but it hasn't bothered her and I just keep thinking that later in her life she will be glad we did it.

I let the house go more than I would like to admit because of all the chaos and still having the little ones sick and vaccuum being at the repair shop.  I don't mind doing all the laundry but I admit that I really don't like putting it away; especially since my children's idea of putting it away means just shoving it into the drawers.  Remind me why I folded those clothes into nice stacks so they could be shoved into any possible place?

I got a few things scheduled and finished that have been on my list and I participated in an art swap with some of my Brave girl friends.  At first I questioned my wisdom is doing so but as I hesitantly finished my projects and sent them away I was so happy I had taken some time to at least create something and the items I have received back are overwhelmingly beautiful and make me so happy.

We had the opportunity to spend time with friends and chat and catch up, which is hard to do now that school is in full swing.  It filled me up and I'm so thankful for beautiful people in my life.

I came to a realization with one of my children this week who has some very challenging needs right now and I've been able to stick with my  conclusion and I think it is helping.  I am trying to remember that my job is not only to instruct but to give love.  Sometimes I get stuck on the instruction part and forget that it has to be preceeded by and following with a HUGE outpouring of love.  Memo to me: PLEASE REMEMBER THIS EVERY DAY, {especially when said child refuses to get out of bed or to go to school}.

I saw light everywhere.  I have appreciated my husband's smile and encouragement through some of the wild and crazy days; there is no way I could be keeping up with this fall schedule without him.  I've stopped more than once in my tracks to observe the beauty all around me and watch the sunset and sunrise.  I've been able to witness growth in my children and smiles on their faces as they hide from me in the van and run around in the grass and watch their siblings play soccer.  We took a few minutes to go explore a little place I've been wanting to visit and take some fun pictures of the children which always makes me happy.  It's all good!

Sailing on,

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  1. I can't believe how old Maddie looks in that picture! PLEASE enjoy your CO weather and beauty for me!!! Can I see pics of your art you made? I'm always so amazed at your creativity! Love it. Love you.