Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Light No. 37

Soccer, check.  Piano, check.  Swimming, check.  Cross country, check.  Two very minor leg surgies, check.  A flat tire, check.  Van back in the shop, check.  Baptism planned, check.  School issues beginning resolution, check.

Over the weekend I had the opportunity to go to 'Time Out for Women' with my Mother, sister in law, and many friends.  It was a wonderful time; I felt so encouraged and uplifted in many ways.  I'm still processing everything I heard and trying to figure out how to turn it into action in my life.  In many ways it lightened my load of things I'm worried about and helped me to slow down and soften up a bit. It's a pretty big deal for the mom to be gone all day on a saturday around here and I'm thankful that Kurt was willing to do it all without me.  It was worth all of the arranging and running around and I'm so glad I went.

Not checked: 
clean house, organize closets and sort through clothing, clean up yard, pull weeds, pull out garden, clean stack of papers everywhere, clean basement.... you get the idea.  

It was a beautiful week filled with fun and a lot of imperfect moments.  My voice has been softer and more patient and the light is shining through.  I'm beginning to understand how much I can truly learn from my children.  They are teaching me lessons such as:  praying sincerely, forgiving fully and quickly, saying sorry, wanting to be loved and trying hard and sometimes falling down, being their authentic self without worrying what others think, trying new things, delighting in the plain and simple, and smiling a lot. 

I'm feeling more grateful for what I have as I realize how much I really have and how little more I need.  I love to dream and look but am learning to be happy with what I have.  

Hope your week is grand.  Sailing On, 

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