Monday, September 24, 2012

Light No. 38

Yesterday was such a great day I'm having a difficult time rewinding my brain back over the week.  I'm now one day late, again writing my update.  I fully intended to come back downstairs and write last night after I tucked children into bed.  Somehow as I did that I fell asleep myself.

This past week it is easy to see how we are blessed and surrounded by so much light.  In spite of injuries, hectic schedules and not all together cheerful adolencent children we were richly blessed.  We were able to have my brother and his family come over and spend time with us.  Thankfully they graciously took care of my children while I whisked Clark off to the ER to take care of his broken wrist.  We were able to celebrate a birthday with a dear friend.  We enjoyed watching our children play soccer and see the rapid improvements they are making.  

We also had the great opportunity to hear from Elder Jeffrey R. Holland in a special meeting at our local church on Sunday.  It was uplifting and inspiring.  After the meeting we waited in line to meet him and shake hands.  Unfortunatley he had to leave to catch his plane before we were able to shake hands with him.  We did stand near him and as he walked to the car he turned around blowing kisses to all of us; wishing so much that he could meet every one of us.   I could see the exhaustion on his face and feel the deep ferver he feels for both the church and the members in it.

Later that day we were visited by two men whom I know were inspired to visit our home and whom I already know will change our lives with the light they are willing to share with us.  Then we packed up and headed to Aunt Sue's house where we enjoyed a delighful evening of food and family; catching up with cousins and aunts and uncles.

After a week like this one I feel deeply grateful for my parents; as I begin to recognize the commitment and sacrifice it takes to raise a family and to teach princples and manners and to participate in so many activities.  Of course as a child I had no idea what they were really doing.  Now I know how priviledged I am.  Thank you Mom and Dad, for all that continue to do.  I love you! I also feel thankful for the many experiences I have had throughout my life to meet and be influenced by church leaders that have strengthened my testimony.  I now realize that I have been blessed with much more opportunities than most people have in a lifetime, for which I am thankful.

I second this quote by Maria Speidel, a woman who served as president of the Germany Stuttgart District Relieft Society after World War II:

". . . With joy we sing the songs of Zion and put our trust in the Lord.  He maketh all things well."

Sailing On,

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