Thursday, October 18, 2012

A Prayer Story

A few weeks ago, saturday morning the house was awake with early morning activity; everyone running around to find their correct color soccer jersey; socks, shinguards and cleats.  Filling up water bottles and getting assigned to which car they needed to be in to get to their field at the correct time.  Kurt left with most of the kids to get to Christian's game and then go straight to Savanna's.  Because I coach Emma's team I stayed behind to go to her game and then meet up with Kurt.  I ran upstairs to get in the shower really quickly before we left.

Sadly, Emma thought I had left and wasn't aware that I was upstairs in the shower.  She went outside on the driveway and saw that dad's van was gone and was scared that she was left behind by mistake.  Emma decided to kneel down in the driveway and say a prayer that she would know what to do and that we would come back for her.
this is a picture she drew for me the next day of her being sad and scared, kneeling down in the driveway to say a prayer.  {notice the tears falling}

After finishing her prayer; she told me:
"Right after I said the prayer I stood up and then I had an idea I knew that Heavenly Father gave me!  I knew I should go inside and call someone on the phone."

She came back in the house, picked up the home phone and began to scroll through the caller id until she recognized a number;  Grandma's cell phone.  She called Grandma and asked for help.

At this point I walked down the stairs into the kitchen and saw her standing there on the phone.  I saw her tear stained cheecks and hugged her and found out what was going on.  I felt so bad that she thought she was home all alone and that I hadn't clearly communicated to her that I was still home and that she would be riding with me after I showered.

I talked to my mom and explained to her that I was home and that Emma was ok.   Then I told Emma how proud I was of her grown up five year old self for kneeling down to pray for help; for recognizing that the idea to call someone for help had come from Heavenly Father, and for calling Grandma.  I was so impressed with her for settling down and finding a solution.

I am very thankful for a loving God who answers prayers, who listens to five year old girls who are scared and think they are alone.  I am also thankful for a smart five year old daughter who knew that God would indeed answer her prayer and didn't hesitate to ask for His help.  Oh the things we can learn from our children.

This is the picture she drew of how she was happy when she saw me and I gave her a hug



  1. Mom told me this story, but I didn't hear about her saying a prayer. how sweet, this made me cry. :)

  2. What a beautiful experience. Sweet Emma. You are such good parents. I learn so much from you and the experiences you share. Thank you for being real about life. Makes me know you are really my friend/sister. xo

  3. So sweet. Someday when you are asked to give a talk in General Conference and use this story, I will smile ... and cry.